Free Canadian resource planning softwareFree Canadian resource planning software

Resource Planning Module

Canadian resource planning softwareGThe Resource Planning module helps you take control of mission critical information that can help advance your organization to new heights in productivity, service levels and employee utilization. It allows you to easily create an overview of all of the parameters dealing with work requirements including tasks, service levels requirements and timing. You can instantly create comprehensive visual records of the status of employees in your organization. This helps you to easily match employees to required tasks, service levels and timing.

The Resource Planning module employs a simple corporate tree structure that clearly illustrates staffing complements and requirements by position or departments (while depicting the inter-relationship between each group within your organization). The module is powerful enough so that it can be customized to meet your organization’s current and future human resource needs.

Resource Planning Module Features

This module is part of the GrandMaster Suite integrated set of applications for all payroll and human resources requirements. Here are some of the features of the module:

Comprehensive Flowcharting

With the Resource Planning module, you can create unlimited numbers of easy reference human resource charts. Define the nodes to to create a chart that clearly represents the hierarchy of work relationships that are most meaningful to your business. All dimensions of human resource areas can be included such as employees, departments, branches, employee skills, equipment or positions. Relationships between the various elements are easily distinguished to make your planning not only easier, but also more effective. The Resource Planning module even accommodates specific time periods related to chart elements so planning can even include variables such as term positions or summer relief.

Planned Work Schedules

The Resource Planning module turns work load requirements into work shifts. View precise shift details that are generated from reliable resource planning data. This allows you to yield the most effective deployment of your organization's employees when undertaking the required tasks.

System-Wide Use

Improve teamwork in your organization by leveraging the ability of your people to make informed decisions on the basis of accurate gathered information. Becuase the module's data is shared with all modules in GrandMaster Suite, you are provided with a cohesive, efficient, human resource management tool that is used system-wide.

Automatic Scheduling Support

GrandMaster Suite's Resource Planning is designed to bring a refined dimension to scheduling activities based upon a precise definition of work load requirements. Positions can contain work requirement information of particular value to the module. Adjustable work requirements are expressed as the number of hours required for a position in a given time period. For even greater precision, these can even be limited to certain days of the week that you specify.

How Do I Get Started?

Click Here or choose the button below to download the complete GrandMaster Suite today! Once installed, you can begin using the program immediately (our Getting Started Guide is available to help you get up and running quickly). If you have any download or installation questions, please call 1‑800‑665‑5129 or e-mail

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Licensing Information

GrandMaster Suite is yours to use free of charge as long as your payroll contains 20 employees or less (Click Here for more details). If you require payroll processing for more than 20 employees, or would like to receive Toll-Free support from CanPay, simply purchase a GrandMaster Suite license.

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